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My Journey into Yoga

I can still remember the first time I did yoga. I was in Mauritius staying at an aryuvedic spa hotel called the Shanti Maurice. I was not in a very good place. I was going through lots of stuff. I needed to get away. I wanted to go somewhere different and somewhere that inspired me.

I went onto a travel website and found the Shanti Maurice. I had a beautiful room overlooking the Indian Ocean and I walked out every morning and felt an incredible sense of gratitude.

I found it all terribly fascinating. I remember going to the outdoor yoga studio with a couple of other people and following the instruction of the yogic teacher. Afterwards, I felt very calm and centered.

I do lots of exercise and experiment with lots of different sports but what intrigued me the most with yoga was the connection to the breath. Connecting to the breath allowed everything to quieten and I found stillness.

I am eternally grateful. It has changed my life.


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