I am sitting at the kitchen table at the moment at Pennybridge at a detox retreat listening to amazing meditation music and watching Brydie, the chef, prepare the most amazing detox meals for our guests. I am wondering how I got here.

I am working with Emily from Amaveda. We met at a networking meeting in London. It was a bizarre set of circumstances and I think we both knew that there was more to this encounter than met the eye.

Emily’s knowledge of the healing properties of food is endless as only a life time of learning can create. I was fascinated by her career choice as soon as she told me and I suggested to her in the first moments of our meeting that I would love to work with her.

Two months later we have collaborated together to host this retreat and, as I sit here, I marvel at the energy which is flowing through the house and ultimately into each one of us who is involved. We have nine beautiful guests. Each one brings there own point of view on life and conversations around the dinner table are truly inspirational.

Emily has put together an amazing team. She convinced Brydie to leave her sixteen month old baby for the first time (with her husband) and come and cook for us. Emily worked with Brydie in Brighton years ago and Emily recognised a kindred spirit…someone truly passionate about ingredients, creativity and esthectics. The plates are beautiful, delicious and, on top of everything else, healthy. The dishes are inspired by macrobiotics and ayruveda traditions.

The yoga teacher, Clive from Hello Yoga, has organised the classes to reflect the mood of the group. We have had the option of meditative, restorative, or flow/energetic practices. He recites beautiful poetry and it has been fascinating to spend time with him and learn more about his journey onto this path of enlightenment.

Rachel is an amazing massage therapist. She has not stopped and each and every guest has enjoyed the the gift which she possesses and shares with each of her clients.

The guests have enjoyed spending time in the spa/pool building. It is a beautiful space and it is hard not to let all your worries and stresses disappear as you relax in the hot tub, sauna, steam room or do lengths in the pool.

As the hostess I am trying to be as helpful as possible to both the team and the guests. This is something I have dreamed of doing. I have been to many retreats before and have wondered about what it would be like to be involved in one from the other side. I can tell you…it is hard work