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Yoga is my God!

Sunday is International Yoga Day and funny enough I have just had a wonderful session in the garden at Pennybridge with my lovely yoga instructor Lolly from Firefly. Lolly is an amazing person and I get so much out of my time with her. I enjoy doing yoga not only for what it gives me but also for the people I meet along the way.

Yoga is like a spiritual practice to me. Spirituality means something different to everyone. For some, it is a threatening term which brings up all sorts of negative connotations. This is a sad state of affairs and one which I would love to remedy given the chance. For others it is a time of reflection which brings a sense of calm. That is what yoga does for me. I love moving my body into different yogic positions and breathing into it. The breath is so important in yoga and I find it inspirational to focus on it. All my pent up tension and stress is released when I practice yoga and I feel at one with the environment and nature. Doing yoga outside was the ultimate experience as it made me feel grounded to the earth and connected to the sky. It was divine.

Do you have a spiritual practice that makes you feel calm and enlightened? If not maybe it is time to find one. Why not join me on Sunday morning? I am going to get out of bed early and do a yoga practice as the sun rises. Sunday is also Father’s Day and I will say a prayer for my dad who is up in the sky watching over me.

Vital Thoughts

Bedgebury Wellbeing is born

Big changes are coming and it is all very exciting. After completely turning my life upside down by choosing to get divorced I feel like I have finally found myself through the work I have been doing with Bedgebury Wellbeing. This is directly related to my studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

One of the founding premises of the course with IIN is the fact that primary foods (relationships, career, physical exercise and spiritual practice) are just as important if not more important than secondary foods (the actual foods that you eat).

Throughout this year I have been focusing on my career, relationships, and spiritual practice. Physical activity has never been an issue with me!! The internet can be an amazing tool when used properly and I have been delving into self help sites and listening to motivational speakers to help me find the confidence to believe in myself and move forward positively.

I am moving house in the next few weeks and this is a very symbolic gesture for me, especially after having lived in the same home for fifteen years.  I feel like it is a new beginning or perhaps I can liken it to the beautiful butterfly born out of the caterpillar. This metaphor symbolises my feelings towards this life changing event in a positive way.

I have created Bedgebury Wellbeing to be my voice of hope and enlightenment. I hope to share my thoughts with other like minded people who are on a similar journey. I would love to hear your story.